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Components and spare parts for Slobozhanets tractors

Tractors are full-size agricultural machinery, which is characterized by good cross-country ability and is used for tillage. Thanks to removable and replaceable attachment equipment, the list of possible operations for soil treatment and its preparation for planting is significantly expanded. However, it is important that the equipment always remains operational. We sell all spare parts for tractors, as well as ready-made assemblies. We carry out preventive and capital repairs, so that your agricultural machinery always remains "on the move".

What spare parts do we offer?

Tractors of our production are distinguished by high operational characteristics, maneuverability, high traction force, optimal speed of movement and a high level of comfort for the driver. Our equipment has a large service life and high-quality construction. However, parts and assemblies are still subject to physical wear and tear. Most often, you need those spare parts for a tractor that rotate, twist, experience friction or increased loads during operation.

Since we manufacture tractors ourselves, and do not sell them as intermediaries, we have all the necessary components and spare parts and consumables. You can buy spare parts for a tractor for any unit or unit, including:

  • exhaust system;
  • frames;
  • cabin;
  • mounted device and hydraulic equipment for it;
  • conductive bridges;
  • gearboxes and cardan transmission;
  • electrical equipment;
  • >
  • engine;
  • braking system and wheels;
  • pneumatic system;
  • clutch and coupling devices;
  • steering and diesel management.

Components and spare parts for bulldozer and loading equipment are offered separately. There are all types of gears for gearboxes and drive axles.

Repair services and supply of spare parts

Spare parts for T150 are popular among our products, but not only. So, it is believed that parts that work with high loads, as well as those that rotate or rub against each other during operation, are most often repaired. Hydraulic systems, hydraulic and cardan drive, front axle shaft, piston kit and cylinder block require special attention during operation. Brake stop switches, hydraulic cylinders, liners and bushings, radiators, starters, brake drums and so on may require frequent replacement. In addition, certain consumables are always used for the normal operation of agricultural machinery. These are bushings, bearings, gaskets and oil seals. We sell only original spare parts that are 100% suitable for our tractor models.

You can purchase spare parts for tractors, and you can order modernization and repair of purchased equipment from us. Repair can be carried out for one of the most important components of special equipment, including a gearbox, bridge or frame. In all these cases, defect detection is performed after washing and disassembly. All detected defects are eliminated, the unit is adjusted and tested on the wall. We provide an official guarantee for the work performed using original spare parts for 1 year.

If you repair the tractor in a timely manner, the resource of its operation will increase many times, and you will not have to waste time on expensive new equipment. It is important that we also sell completely restored models, that is, tractors that were used, but after major repairs. We provide a 6-month or 600-hour warranty on them.