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Drive axles in SPK tractors

In our agricultural machines, we use proven and reliable tractor drive axles. This group of equipment includes mechanisms that ensure an increase in torque and its further transmission from the gearbox to the drive wheels. You can purchase all the necessary components, spare parts and assemblies for this mechanism from us separately or as a set. We also offer overhaul and reconstruction of equipment that was already in operation.

Features of driving bridges in wheeled tractors

At wheeled tractor can be driven only by the rear axle or the front and rear axles. This technique is characterized by improved passability, increased traction and reduced skidding. The axles perceive the torque from the transmission, then transform it and, already in this "look", transmit it to the wheels of the selected pair.

Usually, the rear axle of the tractor is chosen as the leading one. It consists of:

  • gear or central transmission;
  • differential;
  • parts of the differential locking mechanism;
  • half axle;< /li>
  • bevel gears.

Central and bevel gears make up the main gear. And the differential locking mechanism is needed in order to ensure a rigid connection of the semi-axles of the leading wheel pair if necessary.

The front axle of the tractor can also be leading. In this case, there is a fundamental difference compared to rear axles. Yes, there will be special parts that allow torque to be delivered to the driven drive wheels. These are hinges or special wheel reducers.

< h4>All-wheel drive in tractors

The use of all-wheel drive, when the front and rear axles are engaged, is considered the most effective way to increase traction and traction properties in wheeled tractors. In this case, all wheels become conductive, and such a solution is considered the most effective for modern agricultural machines.

When the articulated frame is implemented in the design, the driving axles and wheel reducers of the tractor are considered unified. The central transmission includes bevel gears. A set of gaskets and corresponding bearings are also included in the design.

If the front drive wheels in the tractor are steerable, then the final drive housing will also be rotatable. It will turn with the wheels.