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GRS-3.0 arrow-shaped deep loosener

It is intended for soil loosening on plowed and plowless backgrounds with deepening of the arable horizon, tillage without plowing instead of spring and spring plowing and deep loosening on slopes and steam fields. Deep loosening agent for surface soil treatment is used during pre-sowing soil treatment in the spring and in the main treatment for winter grain crops in the fall, on cereal stubble, as well as after harvesting other crops, including long-stemmed ones, after preliminary peeling with disc tools.

Frank-2.5 deep loosener

It processes the soil at great depth, without layer turnover, leaving on the surface from 30 to 60% of plant residues, which solves the problem of soil erosion, preserving the organic composition of the soil and, therefore, guaranteeing its long-term fertility.
It is designed to destroy the compaction of layers formed after the use of horizontal processing tools, such as plows, disc and claw tools.