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Clutch Luk


Our tractors are equipped with a Luk clutch from Germany, from the concern LuK Getriebe-Sistem GmbH. We cooperate with suppliers precisely as a manufacturer (the fact is that the brand does not supply such parts at retail). This gives us the opportunity to guarantee the originality of the products. Our customers receive such clutches as part of the basic configuration of agricultural machines. In addition, you can order the right LuK clutch from the catalog to upgrade your existing tractor.

Advantages of branded German clutches

We use only branded clutch kits from Germany. They are distinguished by the highest quality of execution and reliability, and also have a long service life. The brand supplies heat-treated clutch parts with special branded stamps. This is a confirmation of the originality of the products. And that's exactly what we work with!
The LuK clutch kit has the following advantages:
  • reliable and durable stamped steel body;
  • cast iron pressure disk and metal-ceramic friction material with temperature resistance up to +600 degrees;
  • ensures stable and smooth driving;
  • have excellent damping and dynamic characteristics;
  • work reliably even at high engine speeds;
  • are distinguished by increased durability, since the components are designed to work under constant conditions of high loads;
  • well reduce noise and vibration in the gearbox.
The German Luke clutch is equipped with high-quality bearings. Strong plastic parts are also used here. Users never complain about such designs: they demonstrate a long service life and high build quality.
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