Catalogs of tractors and engines

"Slobozhansk industrial company" offers to study the catalog of tractors and choose a suitable option for purchase. We present all models of Slobozhanets tractors - universal agricultural machinery of the 3-4 traction class, as well as engines from of different manufacturers.

What tractors do we offer?

We have an extended catalog of the HTZ tractor, including the following models:

  • HTZ T-150K-03, -09, -12
  • HTZ T-156
  • HTZ-16131
  • HTZ-3510
  • HTZ Т-150 / HTZ Т-181 (track model).

In each catalog you will find a list of parts and assembly units in *pdf format, which you can download for your own use. The catalog of parts and assembly units is designed to make requests for spare parts during periodic maintenance, repair and restoration work. Each such document has two sections: the first is "Assembly units and parts", where chassis parts and other assembly units are placed with drawings and specifications, and the second is "Standardized products" with images and typical dimensions.

What engines do we offer?

You can choose and order various diesel engines for agricultural machinery from us:

  • the catalog of Deutz engines from Germany includes a list of spare parts for repair and replacement;

All these documents are also issued in *pdf format in the form of a list with specifications and drawings.

You can also use the link to find out the price of the tractor you need in basic or extended configuration or for an engine of a certain capacity.

Purchase of agricultural machinery is possible at credit or leasing, including under state compensation programs for farmers.