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Braking system


Our tractor braking system differs from the standard one by a higher reaction speed and a good level of reliability. We manufacture wheeled tractors and heavy agricultural machinery with pad brakes. Such a system provides emergency braking, stopping, as well as reducing the speed of movement and the possibility of entering a sharp turn.

A high-quality brake pad for a tractor creates rubbing surfaces that hold the machine in place. Parking brakes of this type are able to hold the tractor on a surface with a slope of 20 degrees. We use components of increased reliability. The braking system of the T-150K has a number of disadvantages. The parking brake of the band floating type, despite all its advantages, is characterized by the complexity in the manufacture of the tape fastening mechanism, high requirements for manufacturing accuracy, the need for constant adjustments, the load on the transmission with the braking torque, which in case of emergency braking can lead to breakdowns.

Currently, a braking system is installed on "Slobozhanets" tractors, using as a parking brake the pad brakes of the rear axle with a drive from a spring energy accumulator, controlled by a disconnecting valve of the pneumatic system. This made it possible to get rid of the shortcomings of the parking band brake, simplify the system and increase its efficiency and reliability. In case of violation of the tightness of the pneumatic system of the brake drive, automatic braking of the tractor occurs.
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