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About us

The main areas of the enterprise's activity are the production of agricultural tractors and special equipment, carrying out work on its modernization, repair and maintenance, supply of agricultural machinery, auto-tractor equipment, spare parts, nodes and units to consumers, including foreign ones.

TOV Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia (Ukraine, Kharkiv) was founded in June 2009. The core of the company's team is made up of experienced engineers and technicians, designers and technologists, workers and employees who have extensive experience working at the legendary flagship of domestic tractor manufacturing - the Kharkiv Tractor Plant. The main areas of the enterprise's activity are the production of agricultural tractors and special equipment, carrying out work on its modernization, repair and maintenance, supply of agricultural machinery, auto-tractor equipment, spare parts, assemblies and aggregates to consumers, including foreign ones.

The enterprise specializes in the production of wheeled agricultural tractors. Currently, the enterprise produces a series of tractors and special machines based on them under the Slobozhanets trademark. This is a modern and reliable technique, characterized by economy, maintainability, low price, able to work in different climatic conditions.

To solve the assigned tasks, the company has at its disposal production and office premises, warehouses, sites, technological equipment (metal cutting, forging press, welding, lifting, etc.), qualified and experienced specialists, necessary financial assets.

The enterprise has its own vehicle fleet, which allows for delivery of products to customers.

There is also a railway branch, which allows the shipment of products by rail transport. The production buildings of the enterprise are located in the industrial zone on land plots with an area of ​​more than three hectares. Research and development works aimed at improving the technical level of manufactured products, works and services are constantly carried out at the enterprise.

Permanent cooperative relations with many specialized enterprises of Ukraine, the EU and China have been established, which allow us to use the best components, to achieve the maximum quality of products at the minimum price.

Currently available production capacities and technologies allow to produce more than 500 tractors and special machines based on them annually. If the market situation changes, the available production space will allow to significantly increase this figure.

The completeness of the manufactured equipment is in accordance with the wishes of the customers. Usually, the period of production and delivery of the tractor to the specified address is about 30 days. Shipment of equipment is carried out by road transport (through Ukraine, Moldova, EU countries, etc.), by a combined method - by road and sea transport (EU countries, Africa and Latin America), as well as by self-transportation or self-delivery by the Customer.

The company is accredited by the customs authorities and has experience in customs clearance of various cargoes. Over the course of its existence, the company has delivered more than 2,000 units of tractor equipment outside of Ukraine and has gained invaluable experience and traditions of foreign economic activity.

For countries in which the business entity has dealers or representative offices (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan), delivery can be carried out on terms up to the DАP (place agreed by the Customer), according to the Rules, the Company guarantees the high quality of the delivered products and fulfills the Obligation for free repairs equipment during the warranty period.

In order to unconditionally ensure warranty obligations, the company's dealers have the opportunity to receive warranty sets of spare parts in a timely manner. The company conducts additional training of specialists for the maintenance and operation of the manufactured equipment, with the aim of increasing their level of knowledge and production skills to a modern level. The company has its divisions (testing sites) in rural areas, where all developed machines are checked and tested in real operating conditions.

The company operates a quality management system ISO 9001: 2000. The equipment produced by the company undergoes state tests and is certified in accordance with the established procedure. Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia is a finalist of the All-Ukrainian product quality competition of the best products of Ukraine, a laureate of the Best Enterprises of Ukraine rating, and is also a laureate of the largest agricultural exhibitions held in Ukraine.

During the time of work, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in promoting products to the market of agricultural machinery.

For this purpose, an automated system of sales management and work with clients has been implemented; (CRM), created own databases of consumers of agricultural machinery, which include thousands of Ukrainian enterprises and individuals - Entrepreneurs. This allows you to effectively conduct advertising activities, marketing research, etc.

In order to fully satisfy the needs of consumers, the enterprise has created a freight network, which includes divisions that carry out customs clearance of products in Ukraine, their delivery to the consumer, the necessary service, consultations, etc., which allows expanding the circle of potential customers. All this allowed the company to take a leading position among enterprises operating in the market of agricultural machinery and equipment.