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Air filter Donaldson


Donaldson American air filters are used in agricultural machinery for the production of SPK. We focused on these components, as they demonstrate high efficiency and are distinguished by a long operational period.

Main advantages of American filters

We choose Donaldson air filters from the USA for our tractors, as they have the following advantages:
  • long service life, which is 1.5 times longer than even well-known foreign analogues;
  • ensuring the highest degree of purification: this equipment cleans the air from small and large pollution by 99.9%;
  • perfectly removes dust and soot, road dust, soot from exhaust gases, abrasive particles;
  • the manufacturer provides reliable protection, thanks to which the filter not only lasts longer, but also does not require expensive maintenance;
  • the filtering element made of cellulose or synthetics is hermetically sealed thanks to the seals in the housing;
  • replacement is simplified as much as possible, the equipment is easy to use.
We cooperate with official suppliers directly, and customers who choose our agricultural machinery receive such an air filter in the basic delivery package.
The engine air filtration system is equipped with two-stage filters produced by the Donaldson company. The filter is divided into two stages, the first stage is a multi-cyclone unit with the separation of the greater part of the dust from the incoming air, the second stage is equipped with two replaceable filters, the main and the control, with Power Core material technology. In general, the degree of air purification in the case reaches 90-96%.
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