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Special equipment

Wheel-rail tractor

Tractor-loader ХТА-200-06

Tractor 200-02M with forestry mulcher

Tractor with bar equipment

Tractor with bulldozer equipment

Tractor with drilling and crane equipment

A tractor with two control posts

ХТА-200-10 with saddle device

Special equipment - tractors from the manufacturer

Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia TOV (Ukraine, Kharkiv), is known throughout Ukraine as a manufacturer of high-quality agricultural machinery. One of the areas of activity — special equipment and tractors, and we not only supply machines, but also provide their warranty and post-warranty maintenance, modernization and repair.

Features of special tractor-based equipment

Special equipment allows you to perform various preparatory, repair and construction works, including land, planning, drilling, loading and unloading, and so on. It is needed when conducting road and other repair and construction works.

Our company offers to buy tractor special equipment on favorable terms. First, many modifications are already ready and waiting for pick-up at our warehouses. Secondly, there is a service of delivery by road transport to the point indicated by the customer. Thirdly, we offer favorable credit for those who participate in investment programs. One of these programs is implemented by our company together with banks and other partners. Under its terms, you can receive up to 50% of the cost of the equipment as compensation.

What special equipment do we offer?

Tractors and special equipment equipped with diesel engines manufactured in Sweden are available for order.

You can choose:

  • Tractor ХТА-200-10 with two control posts, with the possibility of installing attachments on the front and rear half-frames. In such a modification, a pair installation of standard agricultural tools, yamoburs, cleaners, bulldozer dumpers, and mulchers is allowed. An additional control post is provided in the cabin for more convenient reverse operation.
  • Wheel-rail tractor or a locomotive that can successfully move on railway tracks. Such equipment successfully replaces diesel locomotives and is intended for the transportation of industrial products and raw materials on rails on the territory of the enterprise. For them, you can form a warehouse with the required number of cars, from 2-3 to 10.
  • Tractor with mulcher, with energy-intensive attachments for forestry work. Can work with stump removers, cutters, rotary snow blowers, brushcutters, shredders, and so on. It can also be equipped with a towbar for towing a trailer.
  • Tractor-loader with an economical diesel engine from Belarus, from MTZ. Supplied with a 1.5 m3 bucket, with a possible lifting height of 2.9-4 meters. This model has a gearbox with a "quick reverse" function.
  • Tractor with drilling and crane equipment. Such special equipment can be used in the process of installing power line supports, as it allows drilling vertical wells in unfrozen soils. The basic configuration already includes an air conditioner in the cabin.
  • A tractor with a rotary bulldozer blade. It is used when planning sites, when moving soil, for distributing silage masses or cleaning the coating on a livestock farm. It also helps to clear snow and fill potholes. the blade in this model is highly reliable, as it is made of steel with a thickness of 8 mm.

Special equipment is offered directly from the manufacturer. On the one hand, this means having all the necessary guarantees and certificates. On the other hand, it helps our buyers to refuse intermediary services, and therefore to save money.