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Separate hydraulic system


The tractor is equipped with separate steering and attachment hydraulic systems. Each system includes separate gear pumps and filter elements. In similar constructions of tractors with a combined hydraulic system, when the tractor is aggregated with an implement, a situation may arise when crude oil from the implement begins to circulate through the hydraulic system of the tractor. This will lead to the failure of the metering pump, which is responsible for controlling the tractor. In our tractor, such a problem is excluded, since a separate hydraulic system is installed.

Technical features

  • Productivity of the gear pump of the hydraulic system of the attached device in the basic configuration — 85 l / min of oil.
  • It is possible to complete the hydraulic system with a productivity of up to 160 l/min.
  • A four-section distributor 4mrs80 is used to control the hydraulic system of the attached device.
  • The hydraulic distributor has four-position spools with the positions "rising", "neutral", and "forced lowering". and "floating".
  • Goldsmiths have automatic release upon reaching the value of the maximum working pressure in the “lifting” positions. and "forced descent".
  • To work with imported pneumatic seeding complexes, a hydraulic system with a distributor LSC90-5 “Bondioli&Pavesi "(Italy) is installed.
  • Five-section hydraulic distributor, proportional with mechanical control.
A feature of the proportional sectional hydraulic distributor with load feedback is the ability to control the speed of the hydraulic actuators in proportion to the change in the value of the input control influence (displacement of the spool from the zero position), including during parallel operation of several mechanisms, regardless of the change in pressure in the hydraulic system. That is, with proportional control, the movement of the spool provides smooth regulation of the amount of flow entering the actuator. This makes it possible to change the flow rate of the hydraulic unit in a wide range from 2 to 80 l/min. In this way, it is possible to adjust each section to the required flow rate and implement parallel operation of several executive hydraulic units at a given speed, depending on the required speed of movement of the hydraulic cylinder rod or rotation of the hydraulic motor shaft, as well as with a small cross-section of the hydraulic power supply line.

The installed hydraulic system of the attached device allows the tractor driver to conveniently control almost any attached or trailer attachment. In particular, it will be able to work with mounted, semi-mounted or hydraulic elements of trailing equipment directly from the cabin. The necessary distribution equipment with locks and valves is already included in the construction of the hydraulic system.

Additionally, a "Bondioli & Pavesi" (Italy) heat exchanger is installed in the hydraulic system of the attachment. The heat exchanger is equipped with an electric fan and has a temperature sensor and an automatic thermostat. The use of European components with a long warranty ensures a significant increase in the service life of the mechanism. Our hydraulic systems are characterized by increased reliability and long service life.
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