Aggregation and unification of agricultural tractors

It is the aggregation of the tractor that provides versatility and a wide field of application for this agricultural machinery.

Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia TOV (Ukraine, Kharkiv),engaged in the production of agricultural tractors in Kharkiv since 2009. We offer not only equipment with a certain load capacity, but also attachments for it.

Aggregating agricultural machines increases their productivity, improves the quality of operations, and also contributes to reducing fuel consumption (compared to the case of using faulty attachments).

Completed unification and aggregation allow the use of different wheel models with the same attachment. It can be used in a transport or working position, thereby significantly expanding the functionality of the equipment. Installation of aggregates requires adjustment of equipment, and our tractors provide for all of this. In addition, you can choose a suitable model of attached or trailed equipment if you plan to use the tractor for certain jobs and thereby expand its functionality.Our catalog presents both complex combined machines and highly specialized units for soil cultivation, sowing, harvesting or moving soil, for loading, earthworks, and so on. Let’s analyze the possible assortment in more detail.

Types of aggregates for tractors

Unification and aggregation of tractors can be performed using the following equipment:

  • mounted, i.e. in the form of machines in which the weight is distributed over the wheels of the tractor;

  • semi-mounted, where the weight is evenly distributed between the wheels of the tractor and the wheels of the machine itself;

  • trailer, which relies exclusively on its own wheels.

Hinged units can be located in front or behind. For example, bulldozer buckets are often used for front placement. Potato and root harvesters, as well as mowers, shredders and fertilizer spreaders are most often chosen as semi-mounted machines. As for trailers, these are most often combines for harvesting corn and silage, as well as planters and simply trailers.

What units for agricultural tractors do we offer?

You can order tractor aggregation from us or purchase the necessary equipment. Yes, we offer:

  • Plows: mounted, disc, adjustable, reversible, and so on.

  • Harrows: disk, two- and four-row, heavy or short, as well as huskers. They are used for processing stubble, soil, for pre-sowing processing.

  • Deep looseners for surface treatment of the soil before sowing or after harvesting other crops.

  • Pre-sowing cultivators for continuous pre-sowing processing, for stubble, for steam.

  • Trailers for transporting goods and crops.

  • Bulldozer equipment for earthworks.

  • Combined machines and other types of units.

Thanks to such units, it is possible to perform such agricultural operations as plowing, continuous cultivation, husking and disking of stubble, as well as grain sowing. As you can see, with their use, the functionality of the tractor as an agricultural machine is significantly expanded. With them, machines acquire high productivity.