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  1. Wash
  2. Defect:
    a. Detection of worn brackets.
    b. Detection of riveted joints before replacement.
    c. Detection of changes in the geometry of the frame
  3. Frame disassembly
  4. Elimination of detected defects: a. Repair of brackets, supports, spars b. Frame rivet
  5. Primer, painting
Warranty - 1 year




  1. Wash
  2. Sandblaster
  3. Primer
  4. Dismantling
  5. Washing nodes
  6. Defect
  7. Repair parts and assemblies are subject to restoration
  8. Assembly of nodes
  9. Regulation
  10. Bench tests
Warranty - 1 year




  1. Wash
  2. Dismantling
  3. Defect
  4. Body preparation: a. boring. b. Casing
  5. Replacement of parts
  6. Assemblage
  7. Bench tests
  8. Painting
Warranty - 1 year




  1. A letter from the client indicating the necessary work and replacement of nodes
  2. Delivery of equipment from the farm to the factory
  3. Nodal disassembly of the tractor
  4. Wash
  5. Node-level defect detection
  6. Engine repair or replacement
  7. Installation of parts for mandatory replacement
  8. Repair: frame, box, axles
  9. Assembly of the tractor, according to the customer's order and the possibility of installing additional options
  10. Running-in, adjustment according to technical conditions
  11. Issuance of the necessary documents for changing units
  12. Issuance of a service book, operating instructions
Warranty - 1 year

Agricultural tractor repair services

Main agricultural machinery often operates under high loads. Therefore, repair of tractors or their regular maintenance is required. This service provides for defect detection of a certain node or system, as well as replacement of worn parts or consumables.

TOV "Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia" carries out tractor repairs, their preventive maintenance, and also supplies all the necessary components in an assembly or separately taken parts.

Which nodes most often require repair?

We provide a long-term warranty for all tractors of our production. The fact is that the balanced design of this equipment allows it to serve as long as possible. However, moving, rotating and rubbing parts often fail due to physical wear and tear. Signs of an approaching repair may be a decrease in the productivity of agricultural machinery, an increase in fuel consumption, extraneous noises during operation.

Our company carries out repairs of the T-25 tractor, repairs of the T-40 tractor, and also services other models of Slobozhanets tractors with the provision of a guarantee for the work performed and replaced nodes. We also repair removable attachments and additional components. We always have the necessary parts in stock in our warehouses, so repair services are provided in the shortest possible time.

For those nodes that fail most often, we have developed a unique repair sequence.

Overhaul and maintenance of individual nodes

Overhaul of tractors in Kharkiv is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Nodal washing, complete disassembly, post-nodal defect detection. The equipment must be delivered to the factory with a cover letter from the client, where the main malfunctions will be indicated.
  2. Maintenance of the engine, its repair or replacement.
  3. Finding parts that must be replaced, their installation.
  4. Repair of the supporting frame.
  5. Gearbox repair.
  6. Repair of the front bridge.

Repair of the front axle of the tractor includes:

  1. Thorough cleaning: washing, sandblasting.
  2. Disassembly, additional washing of nodes and full defect inspection.
  3. Restoration of nodes, repair of necessary parts.
  4. Adjustment of the bridge with subsequent testing on the stand.

We also carry out tractor gearbox repairs. Here the sequence will be as follows:

  1. Washing, disassembly, inspection and preparation of the case.
  2. Boring and casing.
  3. Boring of the necessary parts.
  4. Assembly of the gearbox and its testing on the stand.
  5. New painting.

Tractor engine repair also begins with defect detection, and ends with trial run and testing, after which the working, fully functional machinery is handed over to the owner.

In addition, we offer comprehensive preventive maintenance of agricultural machinery. In this case, our specialists inspect the equipment, identify worn parts and possible malfunctions, replace consumables. All this significantly increases the service life of the machine. It is advisable to carry out full technical maintenance at least once a year, especially if the equipment works all season with high loads and is used every day. Timely prevention prevents serious breakdowns in the midst of work in the fields.

We provide a one-year warranty for all repair work. You can also buy from us equipment that was in operation, but with a complete restoration. A six-month warranty is provided for such tractors.

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