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Combined machines

Disc soil tillage semi-mounted AGM 4.2 unit

Intended for soil preparation for sowing grain and industrial crops by loosening the field surface to a specified depth with soil resistivity up to 0.9 kgf/cm², hardness of 35 kgf/cm² (3.5 MPa) and moisture content up to 27%.
In one pass, the unit grinds and lays plant residues, grinds and levels the field surface, lays applied fertilizers.

Pre-sowing unit AP-6

Intended for early spring closure of moisture and soil cultivation with flat and sloping terrain, soil preparation for sugar beet sowing, legumes and vegetable crops. In one pass, the unit performs the following operations:
• loosening of the tractor track;
• leveling of the field surface using a spring-loaded beam adjustable in height;
• destruction of blocks of land with rollers;
• intensive loosening of the soil with arrow paws, trimming and combing of weeds;
re-leveling of the surface using a spring-loaded beam;
• additional crushing and grinding of lumps of earth, compaction of the surface layer with two-row rollers;
• ground grinding and leveling with spring teeth.

Forward 6 pre-sowing combined unit

Intended for pre-sowing field preparation after plowing and other main cultivation. In one pass, the soil is perfectly processed for sowing, without the need for further processing.