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Rear attachment


The device is attached

1) with a hook (TSU 2)

A reinforced attachment device with hook grips of the "Waltersheid" company is installed on the tractor.
Hooks make it possible to significantly reduce the labor intensity of joining farms. implements for the tractor.
Limiting stops are installed to prevent lateral rocking of the weapon at the entire height of the attachment device.
The main power units and parts have been strengthened.
The maximum load capacity of the attached device is 6000 kg. on the axis of the suspension.
All sizes of connecting nodes and parts according to GOST 10677-2001.
Cat. 3. 2) with a fork (TSU 3)

In terms of height from the support surface, the hook and fork can be located at a distance of 550 ... 740 mm.
Schemes of adjustment of the attachment device.

At the enterprise, the attachment device is installed according to the 3-point tuning scheme, such a tuning scheme allows working with almost all agricultural implements. But to work with plows that require an offset 2-point scheme, it is necessary to carry out a readjustment, as indicated in the figure.

Three-point debugging scheme
Two-point debugging scheme
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