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The question and the answer

How to diagnose fuel equipment in a simple way, without removing it from the engine?

Answer In order to perform such a simple diagnosis, it is necessary to check only one parameter. Thus, the advance angle of fuel injection is controlled, and at the same time the cylinders are switched off one by one. To disconnect the cylinders, you need to unscrew the nuts of the high pressure pipeline. The control is carried out according to the irregularity of the engine, which is determined by hearing and visually, by smoke.

How is the tractor warranty calculated?

Answer The warranty period for heavy agricultural machinery is considered from the moment of shipment to the consumer, that is, from the same date. The guarantee is fixed in the completed sales contract. It is 600 engine hours or 6 months for equipment that has been restored, and for new tractors - 1200 engine hours or 12 months.

Why is there increased pressure in the hydraulic system of the gearbox? It is present in all gears and cannot be adjusted using the overdrive distributor.

Answer Most often, this happens because the oil line is blocked at the point from the radiator and bypass distributor to the drain hole in the gearbox. To eliminate the increased pressure, it will be necessary to remove the overlap of the main line, which may have occurred due to delamination of the hose or due to paper, rags and other foreign objects. In order to prevent such a problem in the future, it is necessary to remove rags and paper when assembling radiators and hydraulic units. It is also important to correctly install the hoses on the pipes without exerting too much effort.

Why is there a loud noise in the lower part of the transfer case?

Answer An increase in the noise level occurs most often due to an increase in the gap. It can also happen due to the destruction of bearings 7311 and 7313, which are located on the shafts of bridge drives. To fix this problem, you need to replace the worn bearings or adjust the clearance. Note that to remove the rear cardan drive, you will need to remove the gearbox from the tractor. There is also prevention of increasing the noise level. To do this, it is enough to lubricate the telescopic joints of the cardan shafts in a timely manner. Also, don't forget to tighten the M10 bolts that attach the glasses and the other bolts that attach the gearbox to the transfer case. We also recommend checking and adjusting clearances every 250 m/h to between 0.05 and 0.1 mm.

If the oil pressure readings in the engine and in the gearbox are unstable all the time on the instrument panel, what does this mean?

Answer Probably, the reason here lies in the malfunction of the electrical sensors. It is easy to check this - it is enough to connect a mechanical manometer instead of a sensor. If this helps to stabilize the readings, then the sensor needs to be replaced.

How are the housings of hydraulic distributors of modifications P80-3/1 -..., P80-3/2 -..., P80-3/3 -..., P80-3/4 -...?

Answer P80-3/1 -... has a message of control channels with a drain ("oblique" hole in the area of ​​CG 1/4), other modifications do not.
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