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Agricultural tractors

XTA-220-2 tractor

XTA-200-10 tractor

XTA-220-10 tractor

XTA-250-10 tractor

XTA-250-21 tractor

XTA-250-23 tractor

XTA-250-30 tractor

XTA-250-40 tractor

Sale of agricultural tractors

TOV Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia has been supplying high-quality agricultural machinery to the domestic Ukrainian market and abroad. In particular, here you can order a Slobozhanets tractor in any of the popular modifications.

High-level specialists work at the enterprise. Here they not only sell HTA tractors, but also provide a full range of services for repair, maintenance and modernization of already purchased equipment. You can buy a tractor in Kharkiv and get reliable agricultural machinery according to your tasks. They also turn to our company when they want to receive reliable technical and post-warranty service.

What kind of tractors do we make?

Our enterprise produces wheeled agricultural tractors of 3-4 classes under the trademark "Slobozhanets". This modern equipment is reliable, easy to use, and maintainable. It is fully adapted to Ukrainian operating conditions, including climatic ones.

Our company manufactures tractors of Ukrainian production, using advanced technological welding, metal cutting and blacksmithing equipment. The existing production facilities allow to produce about 500 HTA tractors annually. It is possible to supply agricultural machinery in different configurations according to the wishes of the customer. When making a tractor to order, assembly and delivery are possible in 30 days.

All technological processes of the enterprise are subject to the requirements of the current quality system ISO 9001: 2000. By deciding to buy a Slobozhanets tractor from us, you get reliable, certified equipment that has passed all the necessary state tests.

Advantages of Slobozhanets tractors

HTA Slobojanets — one of the most popular tractors in Ukraine. This is a wheeled vehicle, traction class 3-4, with an articulated-articulated riveted channel frame and a diesel engine. Modern models are equipped with an ultra-economical diesel engine produced by the Minsk Motor Plant. Such engines consume 15% less fuel, while operating with 35% higher power.

When you decide to buy such an agricultural tractor, you get:

  • reliable, economical and trouble-free equipment capable of working with any type of attached equipment, including for plowing, cultivation, harrowing, pre-sowing processing and sowing;
  • agricultural machinery that can be used in land, construction, repair work or as a vehicle with a large trailer;
  • transport with a wide range of speed regulation, and gear changes here can be carried out on the go, without interruption of the power flow.

One of the most affordable models is the tractor ХТА 200-10 Slobozhanets. It is characterized by high technical and economic indicators. The basic configuration already includes an air conditioner in the cabin. To increase reliability and increase the resource, a German clutch from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket GmbH is installed here.

This model is equipped with an economical 210 hp Belarusian diesel engine. The advantages of this model are a successful layout, as only 35% of the load falls on the rear axle, and 65% — on the front Thus, high traction characteristics are ensured even at maximum load. Models of this series are universal: with their help, you can perform various preparatory, sowing and harvesting work (depending on which attachment will be used).

But we also present more modern modifications, including ХТА-250-40. This model with a 4x4 wheel layout is equipped with a Swedish engine from Volvo Penta. This is a traction class 4 vehicle with a modernized hydraulic system, the most modern and technological of possible diesel solutions.

Sale of tractors in Kharkiv is carried out with delivery or pickup. You can pick up the agricultural machinery yourself, and it will reach its destination on its own. But we also have a delivery service to the place agreed with the customer. Shipping is carried out mainly by road transport.

All agricultural machinery in our company can be purchased under the FinancEast program by taking a loan from banks- partners with compensation for investment project expenses.