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Sowing complexes


ALCOR seeding complexes are designed for continuous sowing of cereals, legumes and other crops using minimal and traditional soil treatment technologies.


A new generation of grain planters from ELVORTI ™ for innovative resource-saving agriculture. You can not afford to buy low-quality equipment!

ALFA 6 Seed drill

The ALFA 6 seed drill with two-disc single-row coulters and rolling rollers is designed for row sowing of grain, small-seeded and medium-seeded legumes and other crops, similar in size and sowing rates to the seeds of grain crops, with simultaneous introduction of granular mineral fertilizers into the rows and row-rolling of the soil after minimal or traditional tillage. It was created taking into account modern design solutions that make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of agricultural products on the market


PARTNER is a sowing complex. Two guns in one: a pneumatic seeder and a heavy cultivator that can be used as a separate tool.

At the time of sowing, 4 types of tools affect the soil one after the other:

- Cultivator - loosens the ground, cuts weeds, forms a firm seed bed at a given depth. Under the cultivator's paw, there is continuous seed scattering.
- Spring harrows - plan the soil, comb weeds.
- Rolling wheels - "squeeze" the seeds.
- Strigela - mulch the ground and cover moisture in.

Easydrill W6020 Fertisem

Easy Drill is the culmination of over 40 years of research and development. Now it is a new benchmark among professionals.

Planters, sowing complexes for agricultural tractors

Our SPK company offers the aggregation of planters, the supply of equipment for sowing. Such additional equipment is suitable for all our agricultural tractors, can be used "in conjunction" with machines 3 - 4th grade.

Peculiarities of choosing planters and sowing complexes

Aggregation of the tractor with the seeder is necessary during sowing. Farmers know that such equipment is actively used for no more than one month a year, but the productivity of the field depends on its productivity, and therefore the future profit of the farm. Moreover, it happens that during sowing, it constantly rains, and the terms are greatly shortened. In this case, the load on the sowing complexes increases to a peak. We take into account all these requirements and offer undemanding, durable equipment with good passability. If necessary, it will be possible to fix it in "field conditions". Our equipment works flawlessly and quickly, ensures the sowing of various crops with high precision.

What attachments do we offer?

Technically correct aggregation of sowing complexes is selected in accordance with the plans of the agricultural economy. Specialists of "Slobozhansk Industrial Company" will help you choose planters of the required dimensions and with certain seeding discs.

When choosing, we recommend taking into account the technology of crop cultivation and the state of the terrain on the field, the sown area and the terms for which the work needs to be carried out. It is also necessary to take into account the spread of the fields, whether there is a need to drive the equipment together with the sowing complex, and so on.

The following models of seed drills are available for order in SPK:

  • The ALCOR 7.5 sowing complex is suitable for traditional and minimal tillage. Provides solid sowing of legumes and grain crops. The technique performs up to five operations in one pass. This is the cultivation and trimming of weeds, strip sowing with adjusted norms, application of mineral fertilizers in granules, combing of weeds and rolling of crops.
  • The grain seeder ASTRA 6 PREMIUM as equipment of the new generation from ELVORTI is equipped with an alarm system. It is suitable for leguminous and grain crops, and also allows sowing of rapeseed, mustard, flax and other small-seeded crops. The seeding device here is made of corrosion-resistant polymers.
  • Alfa 6 grain seeder allows you to carry out work using minimal technology. At the same time as sowing, mineral fertilizers are applied and seeds are rolled.
  • The PARTNER-9 seeding complex with four rows of implements, which allows to consistently influence the soil. One by one, harrows, rolling wheels, spring harrows and a cultivator are installed here.
  • Easydrill W6020 Fertisem sowing complex for maximum even distribution of seeds. Allows to work according to No Till technology.

All this — seed drills and seeding complexes that ensure accurate sowing of row crops. They are durable and reliable, they can work without breakdowns under peak load conditions.