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Diesel air cleaning system


Our diesel air cleaning system, which is used on SPK tractors, protects the engine from ingress of contaminants. The two-stage air purifier removes large and small dust particles. It works like this:
  • the tractor air cleaning and supply system is arranged so that initially the air masses pass through a multicyclone;
  • here they are exposed to centrifugal force, and large dust particles simply fall into the tray;
  • contaminations are removed from the pallet thanks to the ejection effect and taken out through the exhaust pipe;
  • then the second stage takes place: the air masses pass through fine filters, where the filter paper is located;
  • This ensures the removal of small dust particles: it turns out that the engine is completely protected from contamination.
Our proprietary diesel engine air supply system was developed by SPK engineers and is not repeated in agricultural machines of other manufacturers.
In our company, you can always buy the necessary spare parts for the engine air cleaner, as well as the entire system as a whole. Upon delivery, we carefully check the case and all components for integrity. Filtering elements have a long service life. 

The company's design bureau developed and implemented an original two-stage system for cleaning the air entering the engine. The first stage is a multicyclone, which traps more than 90% of the dust contained in the air. The second stage - paper filters - main and preventive, which provide final cleaning of the engine air.

The multicyclone is a cassette of 36 cyclones that produce swirls and a reversal of the air flow by 180 °. At the same time, solid dust particles settle in the hopper and are removed through the valve. This system ensures the necessary cleanliness of the engine air, equipped with a clogging sensor, which signals the need to monitor the state of the paper filters.
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