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Bulldozer equipment

Technical characteristics of bulldozer equipment AI.

Bulldozer mounted equipment of "Slobozhansk Industrial Company" (Kharkiv, Ukraine) is intended for the following works:

- movement of soil and other loose and small-sized materials;
- clearing and planning of sites;
- backfilling of trenches, pits;
- distribution of silage masses during the construction of silage storages;
- cleaning of grain warehouses and livestock farms;

In addition, the bulldozer dump can be equipped with a reinforced rubber blade for clearing snow from areas, streets and paved roads.

Bulldozer equipment is widely used to perform works in construction and road, communal and agricultural industries.

Reinforced design - high reliability of the equipment;
The dump is made of steel with a thickness of 8 mm;
Convenient mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation of the blade - simplicity and convenience of operation;
Dump width from 2.5 to 2.8 m;
Dump complete set includes: lifting/lowering hydraulic cylinders, turning hydraulic cylinder, lubrication lines and high-pressure hoses with adapters.