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Technical solutions

Reinforced vertical hinge

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Low pressure tires

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Separate hydraulic system

Rear attachment

Air filter Donaldson

Front attachment device

For a modern tractor, technical solutions are chosen taking into account expediency, to ensure the operator's comfortable work in busy conditions. As a manufacturer, we offer a whole range of such solutions and actively use them in agricultural machinery of our own production.

For example, on a tractor, strengthening the frame makes the equipment more reliable and passable, capable of withstanding higher loads. Our agricultural machines allow you to perform a wide variety of work, including continuous cultivation, plowing, peeling, discing. They also allow pre-sowing tillage, sowing and harvesting of grain crops. Replaceable (mounted) bulldozer equipment helps to carry out earthworks as well. The reinforced frame withstands all possible specified loads.

And to improve the traction properties of the tractor, this wheeled equipment is equipped with a powerful engine and a convenient gearbox.

All our models can be aggregated with additional attachments, and this makes them universal. You can choose a model with the appropriate power and optimal load capacity characteristics. Let's analyze what technical solutions make our equipment unique.

TOV Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniia produces agricultural tractors at its own enterprise in Kharkiv. We ensure the use of modern technical solutions for tractors. Some of these developments were created by our engineers and have no analogues in Ukraine. For the sale of others, we buy foreign certified spare parts and components.

Innovative technical developments at our enterprise

Here are the solutions we use for the production of agricultural machinery:

  • Front attachment device with a carrying capacity of 4 tons. Additionally, a hydraulic motor can be installed on the tractor. This device significantly increases the load capacity and functionality of the equipment.
  • The rear attachment for strengthening the tractor can be installed with a hook or with a fork. The attachment device is installed directly at the enterprise. Here, a three-point adjustment scheme is performed, as a result of which the attachment is suitable for working with almost any agricultural implement. Such a hook on the axle of the suspension has a high load capacity, up to 6 tons.
  • Separate hydraulic system to improve traction properties of the tractor. In this case, the situation when untreated working fluid from the agricultural implement gets into the general hydraulic system of the tractor is completely excluded. In this case, a separate hydraulic system with its own pump with a capacity of 85 liters per minute is provided for the attached device. In the extended configuration, this performance can be increased to 160 liters. An appropriate hydraulic system of Italian production is installed for foreign sowing complexes.
  • Long-lasting Luk single-disc clutches from Germany, developed by German specialists specifically for "Slobozhanets" tractors.
  • The engine air filtration system based on Donaldson air filters provides 96% cleaning.

In addition, our tractors are equipped with low-pressure tires. Thanks to these tires, skidding is significantly reduced, and contact with the ground increases by 25%.

Choosing tractors manufactured by SPK, you get reliable and technological agricultural machinery.