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Low pressure tires


Low-pressure tires are installed on the agricultural machinery of our production. Thanks to this, the load-bearing capacity of the tires is not lost, and the pressure on the ground is significantly reduced. It turns out that the soil compacts much less, which significantly simplifies work in the field.

We use low-pressure tires for tractors, which are softer and more flexible than conventional tires. They are not pumped up so much and do not damage the fertile soil layer. And for durability, low-pressure tractor tires are made with reinforced sidewalls. This allows you to significantly extend the service life of the wheels and eliminate preventive maintenance.

For tractors of the XTA-250 series, it is recommended to install low-pressure tires 28LR26, which provide an increase in the spot of contact of the tire with the ground by 25% and a significant reduction in skidding. The use of these tires allows you to realize an increase to 250 hp. engine power D-262.2S2 250 hp

At the same time:
- the negative impact of the tractor wheels on the ground during field work is significantly reduced due to the low air pressure in the tire - 0.7 Bar;
- traction and traction indicators increase by 15-20%;
- fuel consumption is reduced by 10%;
- early spring field work is carried out in optimal agrotechnical terms.
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