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Gearboxes for tractors and agricultural machines

"Slobozhansk industrial company" produces all the necessary parts: gearboxes for tractors are also available for order separately. We sell all the necessary components, as well as assemblies, including:

  • 12-speed gearboxes with a transfer box;
  • sets of parts of the output shafts of the transfer box;< /li>
  • parts of the primary transfer case shaft;
  • transfer case cover with control elements;
  • case of the transfer case and drive parts, as well as the gearbox hydraulic system pump;
  • >
  • parts of the gearbox hydraulic system filter;
  • parts of the gearbox hydraulic system pump;
  • parts of the bypass distributor;
  • shift distributor;
  • cover of the gearbox friction clutch compartment, distributor and filter;
  • a set of parts for the 4th and 1st gears;
  • a set of parts for friction hydraulic compression clutches of the 2nd and 3rd gears;
  • the shaft of the speed reducer and its additional parts;
  • the secondary shaft , friction hydraulic clutches and distributor assembly;
  • set of primary shaft parts;
  • gearbox housing with control elements;
  • parts of independent drive of hydraulic system pumps and GDP reducer.

Every tractor gearbox is tested on our test stands. You can buy individual nodes and parts from us, as well as order repairs of used agricultural machinery.

Features of gearboxes for different models of tractors

Each popular model agricultural tractor has its own design features. This also applies to the gearbox. Yes, we offer the following options:

  1. Gearbox for T-150 tractor. It provides 12 possible forward speeds and 4 reverse speeds. When moving forward, 3 ranges of 4 speeds are possible here. The gearbox here is rigidly connected with bolts to the transfer case.
  2. T-40 tractor gearbox. In this case, a mechanical 8-speed four-speed gearbox is traditionally used. One gear here remains slow. In a box of this type, the shafts are located transversely, and there is also a reverse, thanks to which the tractor can move forward and backward in any of the possible gears. With such a box, the machine becomes productive and maneuverable.
  3. T - 25 is like an agricultural tractor with rear drive. You can buy a gearbox for a tractor T - 25 m with a differential, which consists of gears.

Advantages of ordering parts from SPK

Our company manufactures agricultural machinery with a guarantee and supplies it to the Ukrainian market and beyond. We also work for those who do not need to buy a tractor, but need to repair already used equipment. We have special conditions for the purchase of spare parts and assemblies.