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Conversion of tractors with engine replacement

"Slobozhansk Industrial Company" offers to buy a tractor engine separately or to order conversion of agricultural machinery with replacement of the main unit, the engine. We deliver new engines and spare parts for them throughout Ukraine. In addition, our company provides conversion of various agricultural machinery (not necessarily of our production). We provide a guarantee for all types of work. We mainly use YaMZ engines for replacement and re-equipment.

You can also buy a tractor engine from Germany from us. These are motors from well-known Deutz and Volvo

Tractor engine from Germany: features

Volvo engines are supplied to Ukraine under an official contract with the manufacturer. These are models with a capacity of 240-250 horsepower, fail-safe and reliable. Such motors have an excellent response, and this means that agricultural machinery remains quite maneuverable even in conditions of limited space. The Volvo engine ensures safe movement of wheeled equipment on uneven roads. We can install such an engine on your tractor, and the equipment will only add to its value.

The Deutz engine from Germany is also very popular. The company produces equipment with high quality and trouble-free operation. These motors are suitable for operation in difficult conditions and work without failures. The Deutz engine is also environmentally friendly and complies with current regulations regarding hazardous emissions of gases and combustion products. It will work with high specific power, as many modern technologies are implemented in the design.

Advantages of YaMZ engines

YAMZ engine installation can be performed on KhTZ and Slobozhanets tractors. For such work, we use highly qualified specialists who have undergone the necessary training and have the relevant experience.

The tractor engine is serially produced in the YAMZ-236D modification. In this case, we are talking about a six-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel modification. This motor has a power of 175 hp. When installing this modification, it is not necessary to change the design of the transmission of the agricultural machine, but it is still necessary to contact qualified specialists. Appropriate modern equipment for connection, start-up and testing in working modes will also be needed. For example, when installing a new engine, additional balancing must be carried out, which allows you to eliminate unnecessary vibrations that lead to rapid wear of parts.

A special tractor engine completely preserves the safety of movement when moving equipment on "off-road" roads, in fields . Also, among the advantages of this YaMZ engine modification, it is worth noting:

  • additional cementation of the crankshaft is performed;
  • independent power selection is carried out on the gearbox drive;
  • installed brushless generator for 12 V;
  • there is a gas release system connected to a muffler;
  • there is an air intake system in the cabin, combined with an additional filter;
  • the design provides a flywheel for installing a standard clutch, and there is also an oil sump.

How the conversion works< /h4>

You can buy a tractor engine separately or order a comprehensive conversion service from us. For Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, conversion with departure to the farm is possible. In addition, we provide engine delivery services.

We also provide conversion if Volvo engines are used. In this case, as well as when using YaMZ, warranty and post-warranty service is provided. The Volvo engine provides a full-fledged modernization of the existing agricultural machinery.

If you want to install a tractor or other agricultural machinery with a Deutz engine, you can also contact us. The Deutz engine, like other imported models, allows you to make the tractor trouble-free. In this case, the performance of agricultural machinery increases, and fuel costs decrease. Conversion is possible in 2-3 days