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Cargo equipment


Bucket drive

Tractor bucket as attachment

Slobozhansk Industrial Company sells not only agricultural machinery (tractors), but also attachments for it. Here you can order a bucket for a tractor of the required capacity and carrying capacity.

Features of universal buckets

We manufacture buckets according to our own drawings, using the principle of universality of attached equipment. As a result, tractors with a bucket can be used for both construction and agricultural work, that is, they help to ensure the transportation of various bulk materials, starting from sand and crushed stone and ending with silage, compound feed and grain. It will also be suitable simply as a trailer, for transporting the same loose materials or construction waste in bags, for transporting tools during road works, and the like. You can order a bucket of standard or increased volume from us.

In addition, we manufacture construction buckets with reinforced construction and additional stiffening ribs. They can be used for planning and land works, including for the development of rock or soft soils. All this lifting equipment has a one-piece body. Such buckets can be supplemented with special replaceable blocks with knives or teeth. The hydraulic drive is responsible for the operation of the moving part.

You can also buy a tractor bucket in the form of a node, assembled with hydraulic cylinders, actuators and so on. The scope of delivery includes what is indicated on the drawing (there is a specification).

Features of agricultural tractors of our production

Our company produces "Slobozhanets" agricultural tractors. These are models with high operational characteristics and can be used as loaders. A bucket for a tractor may already be included in the basic delivery package.

By choosing this type of equipment, you will save money because you will not need to buy basic attachment equipment. In addition, these tractors are economical in use due to the engine, which consumes less fuel (compared to similar models of other manufacturers, this saving is 15-18%).

The bucket, like other nodes in this tractor, completely unified. The equipment can be used as a single-bucket loader for freight transportation. It is possible to lift and turn the bucket, thanks to which bulk materials are loaded from the ground into the body or into the wagon.