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Drive and driven gears for industrial tractors

We use and install first-class gears for industrial tractors, which are manufactured according to current standards. In our company, you can buy any standardized elements for mechanisms, including all standard sizes of gear wheels.

The use of original spare parts, such as the leading and driven gear, ensures trouble-free operation of the equipment, its quick and qualified maintenance, as well as repairs if necessary. All gear wheels presented in our catalog undergo the necessary technological operations of stamping, instrumental and chemical-thermal processing, which makes them durable, practical, wear-resistant. Such structural elements have a long service life and do not fail even under heavy loads.

The mechanisms for which the drive gear and other similar spare parts are used have been tested in real "field conditions" and are actively used by farmers without any complaints about quality.

We use materials with improved sliding characteristics, so the gear is driven , like the presenter, always works without jamming. You can choose any standard size.

Slobozhansk Industrial Company offers gears of industrial tractors for various nodes. You can order such structural elements as separate spare parts. Our enterprise is known throughout Ukraine, and also sends agricultural machinery abroad.

We use standard gears that fully meet existing design requirements. Yes, the following are available:

  • Intermediate gear AI. with a width of 42 mm.
  • Drive gear AI. with a width of 62 mm.
  • < li>Gear driven by AI. 69 mm wide.
  • Gear AI. by 70 mm.
  • Gear AI.155.37.411.00 with the diameter of the landing hole 62 mm.
  • Gear AI.155.37.410.00 with a front hole diameter of 82 mm.
  • Gear AI.155.37.308.00 with a width of 79 mm.
  • Gear AI.155.37.303.00 74 mm wide.
  • Gear AI. 48 mm wide.
  • Gear AI. 64 mm.
  • Gear block AI. with the diameter of the landing hole 40 mm.
  • li>
  • Gear block AI. with a bore diameter of 68 mm.
  • Drive gear AI. with a width of 92 mm.
  • Drive gear AI.151.37. 210.10 with a width of 64 mm.
  • Drive gear AI. with a width of 60 mm.
  • Drive gear AI. for 70.5 mm.
  • The gear is driven AI. by 69 mm.
  • Driven gear AI.151.37.311.00.01 on 59 mm.
  • Driven gear AI. on 69 mm.

All these spare parts are designed for use in standard tractor units. For example, the driving and driven gear for the transmission box provide excellent grip and good performance.

Our enterprise provides high-quality technical maintenance and repair of tractor units, agricultural machinery. Therefore, there are always gears available. You can purchase the necessary spare parts (for example, if cracks or broken teeth are found) or you can hand over your equipment to us for repair and modernization.