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TOV SPK, "Slobozhanska industrial company" from Kharkov, offers to order wheels for a tractor or to purchase the required unit separately. As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, we use only reliable, first-class components for all components.

Features of tractor tires and wheels

Tractor wheels are a structure based on a metal rim. It is fitted with a pneumatic tire tightly connected to the disk. Pneumatic tires are a closed chamber made of elastic rubber, on top of which a cover made of thicker rubber material, on which a tread is formed, is "put on". The chamber also has a valve through which air is pumped inside.

You can buy a wheel for a tractor in one of two versions - radial or diagonal type. Yes, radial ones are more elastic and cost more. They also have higher adhesion properties. As for diagonal ones, they represent a more budget modification. The basis of such a design is a frame with several cord layers, and they are arranged crosswise.

Also, as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery in various configurations, we offer to buy rubber for a tractor. You can choose a suitable option taking into account the expected loads and climatic conditions in which the equipment will be operated. Our tractor tires have the following technical advantages:

  • provide high productivity when working with special equipment;
  • can be used in different climatic conditions and be subjected to high loads;
  • provide good adhesion to the soil and are characterized by high permeability;
  • resistance to punctures and cuts;
  • possibility of working with minimal pressure on the soil;
  • good self-cleaning ability , which is important when constantly moving on the ground.

Features of the tractor braking system

The tractor braking system works due to the fact that the wheels are tightly connected to the brake drum. Inside the drum there are 2 pads mounted on the brake disc. When you press the pedal, the pads are unzipped and pressed against the inner surface of the drum, thereby preventing the wheels from moving. Also, tapes or disks can be installed instead of blocks. We equip agricultural tractors with a reliable braking system. In addition, you can purchase all the necessary components of this unit separately.