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Bulldozer equipment for a tractor

SPK company offers to purchase a tractor with bulldozer equipment . We supply agricultural machines with dumpers in a set. Bulldozer equipment also includes a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic system that set the blade in motion.

In agricultural machines and tractors, bulldozer equipment is used for the following types of work:

  • earthworks;
  • movement of bulk goods, their transportation and loading;
  • development and planning of soil, its stacking and leveling;
  • transportation and leveling of sand, gravel and crushed stone, as well as other loose materials;
  • moving scrapers during the clearing of snow;
  • filling of trenches and pits.

Bulldozer dump, mainly used for longitudinal movement of loose substances or soil. Such equipment works successfully in a wide temperature range, up to -40 degrees.

We sell bulldozer equipment of the HTZ as an assembly or in the form of separate components. It provides optimal movement effort and is characterized by high assembly reliability. Basically, we install on tractors bulldozer dumps of general purpose, for earthworks and road works.