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Cardan transmissions

Cardan transmissions

Cardan gears in tractors

SPK company offers to buy cardan gears for agricultural tractors of our manufacture, including for models ХТА-200. We offer all parts, components and subassemblies, including crossmember, rear support, gimbal itself, plugs, forks, etc.

Cardan transmission in the tractor is sequentially located connecting couplings. They are used in transmissions for the power connection of units. Cardan transmission completely transmits the torque without additional loads for the transmission. In addition, it ensures equality of angular velocities for the shafts regardless of the angles at which they are located relative to each other.

Cardan transmission design

The cardan transmission device involves the use of the following parts:

  • cardan shafts of the gearbox and front axle;
  • intermediate cardan shaft and support;
  • cardan shaft of the rear axle.

Cardan shafts are telescopic, with a hinged connection that is sealed with a rubber seal and a steel plug. Such a connection is lubricated through an oiler. Interchangeable cross-pieces and bearings are used here. Bearings are protected by sealing rings, so dirt does not get into them.