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Tractor cab: components and equipment

We produce agricultural machines with cabins of increased comfort: for example, the seats for the tractor, for the driver and the passenger differ in their orthopedic design and the hydrocompensation function. This allows you to maintain a comfortable position even when working in difficult conditions.

Advantages of modern tractor cabs

So, tractor cab and its equipment, which we use in the production of agricultural machines of the Slobozhanets series, have the following advantages:

  • increased noise - and thermal insulation;
  • quality VAZ heaters;
  • availability of additional electrical devices, including electric windows and wipers;
  • there is illumination of the cabin entrance;
  • the basic equipment already includes an air conditioner;
  • installation of the steering column in the original version, with a height adjustment range of 120 mm and an angle of inclination of 15 degrees.

We use cabs of increased comfort for powerful agricultural tractors, so that the operator can stay at the workplace for a long time. We manufacture machinery for agricultural, road and related works. The cabin is designed in such a way that the operator can stay in it for several hours in a row. We use the following cabins for tractors:

  • Complete, closed, two-seater , weighing 650 kg, with noise insulation. The seats here can be adjusted according to 5 parameters. Fuel tanks with a volume of 440 liters are installed on the cabin.
  • K-700 cabin weighing 937 kg, fully equipped with air conditioning, suitable for "Kirovets" tractors. The delivery set includes improved upholstery and a heater.
  • "Slobozhanets" cabin weighing 840 kg. Closed two-seater model of increased volume, with a solid windshield. The delivery package includes electrical equipment, including an audio system, an air conditioner, and an air filtration system.

Equipment with such cabins is designed for maximum load conditions of use. At the same time, both seat comfort and a good view are provided for the driver.