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Driving axle gears on a tractor

Our company as a manufacturer offers gears such as sun gear and other spare parts. We sell all standardized components that meet current quality standards.

Such parts are installed on the drive axles of wheeled tractors, and they are designed for long-term operation. The design must have a main transmission in the form of a pair of cylindrical or bevel gears. There is also a planetary differential mechanism here. The mechanism remains reliable and operates quickly regardless of whether the tractor is moving in a straight line on a flat surface or turning.

We can buy all possible spare parts for these mechanisms and units. It can be an epicyclic gear, which remains stationary and is connected to the toothed hub and engages with it. The entire device works as follows: the sun gear is set in motion, and thanks to this, the satellite gear rolls along a stationary epicyclic gear. The satellites drive the carrier, and thus the torque is transmitted to the wheel. Everything works flawlessly. Let's analyze the operation of these mechanisms in more detail.

To transmit rotation and torque in a wheeled tractor a planetary type wheel reducer is used. The composition of such a node includes:

  • solar gear as a driver;
  • epicyclic gear, which remains stationary;
  • satellite gear in the amount of three pieces;
  • vehicle and body.

So, the sun gear is installed on the splines of the semi-axis and fixed with a nut. Through the splined end of the semi-axle, it is connected to the semi-axle gear of the differential. Cylindrical-type satellites are in constant engagement with the sun and epicyclic gears, and they rotate on bearings connected on axes. And an epicyclic gear is installed on the teeth of the transition hub connected to the sleeve of the drive bridge.

The satellites rotate, driven by the sun gear. They roll along the epicyclic gear and capture the carrier behind them. Due to this, the rotation is transmitted to the drive wheel through the gear housing.

All gears, including the drive gear of the main gear, can be purchased from us as spare parts. Such parts have all the necessary operational qualities and characteristics.