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Engine and diesel generator control systems

The basic schemes — control of the diesel generator, engine, fuel supply — in our tractors are made taking into account all the requirements for the safety and efficiency of agricultural machinery.

In modern tractors produced by the SPK company are equipped with a 6-cylinder unsupercharged diesel modification with a capacity of 175 hp. It is characterized by high torque values at low rotation frequencies. It is also highly economical. Each model of agricultural machinery has its own engine.

For example, an air-cooled modification is chosen for the T-25. This is a model of a row tractor with high cross-country ability. It is believed that the T-25 tractor engine is controlled using levers and pedals. So, a lever and a foot control pedal are provided here to control the fuel supply. A decompression device control lever is also provided. When you press the pedal, the fuel supply, as well as the number of revolutions of the engine, increases. Also, the design of the control mechanism includes rollers, rods, and accelerators. You can purchase all the necessary spare parts and components from us separately.