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At the SPK company, you can buy a hydraulic distributor for a tractor at a special price from the manufacturer. We sell agricultural machinery on a wheel base, as well as all necessary components for it.

Features of hydraulic equipment

All our machines are designed for mounted aggregation. The result is a compact and maneuverable design with the following advantages:

  • it is possible to control fixed equipment directly from the workplace;
  • drive all attached elements through the provided special drive;
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  • elements are quickly transferred from the working position to the transport position;
  • create an additional load on the wheels, improving their adhesion to the ground;
  • quickly connect other additional equipment to the tractor .

The hydraulic suspension system is necessary to ensure the connection of the necessary agricultural machines with the tractor. And the tractor driver has the opportunity to control the attached mechanism directly from the workplace. In this way, it is possible to connect semi-mounted, mounted and combined work units, as well as trailers.

It is believed that towed machinery can be placed only behind the tractor and is designed to work exclusively in traction mode. As for the attached equipment, it can work both in traction and in pushing mode. At the same time, it can be placed in front or behind.

What hydraulic equipment do we offer?

We sell agricultural wheeled machinery, which consists of a lifting and hinged mechanism and a hydraulic system. You can buy all the necessary components separately - for example, buy a hydraulic pump if this element on the tractor is broken.

The hydraulic drive of the attached system works as follows: the oil is stored and cooled in the tank, from where it is supplied by a pump (geared, constant performance ) into the hydraulic distributor.From there, it is already sent to the hydraulic cylinder, where pressure is limited to the level of 25 MPa. The pump drive works from the engine and can be turned off if necessary. This allows you to reduce the wear of the hydraulic system in the event that it is not used. Also, this function allows you to protect the system from damage in the event of an oil leak. A special spool distributor is used for distribution in the system.