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Electrical equipment for tractors

Slobozhanska Promyslova Kompaniya sells tractor electrical equipment and all its necessary components, spare parts and aggregates. All electrical appliances, harnesses, drives, brake lights, side lights, headlights and so on are available for order. As for devices, the basic configuration of tractors includes sensors for emergency oil pressure, coolant temperature, clogging of the oil and air filters, and engine start alarms. The dashboard displays a message about the battery discharge, about the detected danger (engine overheating), about the integrity of the turn signals, about the fuel reserve, and so on. All necessary components and accessories can be purchased separately. You can also learn the basic electrical equipment diagrams from us or order diagnostics.

Electrical equipment diagrams for the tractor

Yes, the electrical equipment for the T-150 tractor works on direct current with a nominal voltage of the electrical network 12 V. The connection here is made according to a single-wire scheme, and the main power sources are considered to be the battery and the alternating current generator, which works together with the relay-rectifier. in the battery. There is also an alternating current generator with a silicon-based rectifier and a relay-regulator of the contact-resistor type. All "consumer" electrical appliances work from them. For example, simultaneous power from the generator and from the battery is possible if the equipment works with a greater load or at night.

Additional services

SPC as a manufacturer tractors and agricultural machines also performs a full list of works on modernization and repair of the released equipment. For example, we have such a service as checking the electrical equipment of the tractor. In this case, diagnostics of all components and replacement of failed elements are carried out. Such checks are carried out both after the detection of malfunctions and as part of periodic maintenance.

For example, maintenance works include:

  • during the first maintenance, the terminals of electrical wires are cleaned and lubricated ;
  • during the second maintenance, the electrolyte level in the battery is controlled, terminal connections and fasteners of electrical equipment are tightened;
  • the third maintenance involves checking the electrical wiring insulation; generators and relay regulators are also checked.

If during the technical inspection it is found that the electrical equipment for the tractor is faulty, then repairs are carried out immediately. This excludes serious problems and accidents in the future. Agricultural machinery after technical inspection can be operated in the specified mode for a long time. Our company provides a guarantee for all works, as well as for the nodes supplied.