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Main tractor systems

TOV SPK as a manufacturer of agricultural tractors uses modern solutions for all models without exception. Yes, the tractor's water cooling system is implemented here. There are other, no less important, improvements. Let's analyze all the details in more detail.

Advantages of Slobozhanets model tractors

All tractor systems work without interruptions, as coordinated and clear as possible. in the basic configuration, we use modern solutions based on leading technologies. For each node, you can see the specification indicating the components and used components.

For example, in the basic configuration of tractors Slobozhanets we included:

  • Gearbox with on-the-go gear shifting when there is no power loss;
  • low pressure tires;
  • possibility installation of any attached device;
  • improved heat and noise insulation of the cabin;
  • original adjustable steering column;
  • spanner reliable frame;
  • single disc dry clutch from Germany by Luk;
  • axles with smooth hypoid transmission and so on.

That is why our agricultural machinery is considered reliable, easy to use and durable. An air filter is also included in the delivery set. There are also two sensors here: air pollution and air cleaner.

  • The exhaust system of the tractor for exhaust gases includes a reactive-active muffler, an exhaust pipe and gas pipes. Here, high-quality fasteners and the necessary seals, clamps and gaskets are used.
  • You can buy from us not only the agricultural machinery itself, but also all the relevant spare parts and assemblies to it. We also provide maintenance and repair of purchased tractors.