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Rear power take-off shaft for a tractor

Our company, as a manufacturer of agricultural tractors popular models, also produces the necessary assemblies and components. In particular, you can order the rear PTO on the T-16.

The PTO unit or power take-off shaft transmits rotation from the engine to attached equipment, an active trailer or other mechanisms, machines that are aggregated with the tractor.

< h3>Design features

The GDP reducer includes leading and driven spur-tooth coaxial gears, and they have holes for connection with the slots of the shanks. These shanks rotate in ball bearings and are fixed with the help of locking rings, which allows you to exclude movement. The design also includes axles pressed into the gearbox housing.

A clutch is provided for turning on and off the power take-off shaft. The shank is stopped by a single disc brake. The transmission of power from the shaft to the shank occurs as follows:

  • the shaft is turned on;
  • the oil acts on the piston, due to which the disc pack is compressed;
  • the drive shaft connects with the gears of the gearbox.

When GDP turns off, the pressure drops, and the piston takes the initial position under the influence of the springs. Thus, the drive shaft is disconnected from the shank and the gearbox.

GDP for different models of tractors

Rear GDP on tractors can be:

  • dependent , which stops rotation when the clutch is disengaged, i.e. together with stopping the tractor; it turns out that when the machinery is stopped, its working organs cannot be set in motion;
  • independent, when the shaft is driven directly from the engine crankshaft, that is, it can be turned on and off both during the movement of the tractor and when it stop;
  • partially dependent, which cannot be turned off/on while the machine is moving, but will work when the tractor is stopped.

A semi-independent shaft is installed on the T-16 tractor power take-off. The speed of rotation of this shaft at nominal parameters is 533 revolutions per minute. The GDP drive is provided directly from the clutch shaft.

The GDP gearbox on the T-150 is also semi-independent. Such a design allows the tractor's working organs to be successively accelerated. and then the unit itself. In addition, the possibility of a short-term stop of the chassis without excluding the attached equipment remains. Gear switching during chassis operation can also be carried out without stopping the working bodies.