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Tractor steering control units and accessories for them

We offer to purchase tractor steering control in the form of separate units and accessories for them. The Slobozhan Industrial Company, as a manufacturer of reliable agricultural machines, offers assembled tractor assemblies. Yes, you can order steering columns, a steering unit and a hydraulic cylinder for it, as well as a safety valve.

How the steering is arranged

The tractor steering device is made in such a way that wheeled tractor reacted to the actions of the operator, that is, he maintained the chosen direction of movement and, if necessary, changed it. This is a part of the mechanisms of the tractor control system.

The system installed in wheeled tractors ensures turning of the machinery in the main way, i.e. turning the front wheels relative to the rear ones. At the same time, the turning wheels are affected by the lateral reactions of the soil, which leads to the fact that the equipment changes its direction.

For our "Slobozhanets" tractors, experts have developed particularly reliable steering mechanisms. They are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • provide a quick response;
  • turning of the steered wheels is easier due to the use of a special amplifier;
  • minimum and maximum effort is limited to steering wheel, so that the operator can more precisely control the equipment.

Also, you can purchase hydraulic power steering, in which a hydraulic cylinder is provided instead of a mechanical connection between the drive and the mechanism. Such elements of the control system are more in demand for agricultural machinery of medium and high power.

Advantages of our components

We manufacture the steering control of the T-150 tractor of the hydromechanical type. The mechanical part here is responsible for turning control, and also provides "feedback". As for the hydraulic one, it is needed to turn the half-frames. Hydraulic pumps, distributors and valves, as well as a tank with an intake filter and pipelines are already included in the design.

In addition, you can purchase the steering control of the T-40 tractor from us. This package also includes a hydraulic booster. The design can be used when converting the control system.

We sell all possible spare parts and components of the control system with a full manufacturer's warranty.