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At the SPK company, a manufacturer of agricultural machines and tractors, you can purchase a tractor bucket or a coupling device designed for towing cars or truck trailers. We offer to purchase separate devices and units suitable for Slobozhanets series tractors and other agricultural machines. Yes, you can purchase a traction-towing device in a standard design or with a hydraulic hook, order an automatic coupling or a standard towing device.

Features of tractor coupling devices

The tractor coupling device is used for aggregation, which allows the use of additional towing equipment . We offer devices in the form of a traction fork or a hydraulic hook.

The tractor coupling device manufactured by our engineers has the following features and advantages:

  • universality, that is, it is suitable for almost all types of attachments that can be used in agricultural machines;
  • provide a simple and reliable connection, they are characterized by ease of fixation;
  • when fastening, there is a gap in the connecting elements will be minimal;
  • the possibility of adjusting the trailer point in width, height, as well as in the longitudinal direction is provided according to current standards.

The tractor hitch ensures the safe operation of all connecting elements, communications between them. You can order a standard traction fork, which ensures the transmission of maximum traction force even when moving on an uneven path. If you need to connect single-axle machines with the same trailers, then choose a hydraulic hook.

Auto clutch

We also have auto clutches for tractors. This is a rear attachment designed for attaching agricultural implements. Autoclutch for the tractor is offered as an assembly together with the control mechanism. The structure is equipped with a cable, a hitch, an automatic fork, the necessary nuts, screws and cotter pins.

You can also order related modernization services from us - for example, improving the traction and coupling properties of the tractor. In addition, we implement all the necessary components for the specified units. We provide all the documents. We work with a guarantee - both for the parts themselves and for modernization work.