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The SPK company produces Slobozhanets tractors for the Ukrainian and international markets. The design uses a frame for a tractor, designed for increased loads, of the hinged-articulated type. The design provides that there will be a higher load on the hinge joint. To compensate for it, a three-finger vertical joint of reinforced type is installed.

We offer models of agricultural machinery on a wheel base. Such tractors can move on public roads at a speed of about 30 km/h. Our "Slobozhanets" tractors belong to all-wheel drive machines of general purpose. We produce almost all the parts and components ourselves, so you can order the corresponding components directly from the manufacturer.

Additional attachments for the tractor

What equipment Slobozhanets tractor can be ordered from us? First of all, these are:

  • footrest;
  • bracket;
  • additional mounting bolts.

The task of this equipment is to make machine operation more comfortable from the operator's point of view. Also, for this purpose, our tractors are equipped with a more ergonomic cabin and low-pressure tires of increased size. Such equipment can be used as a class 3-4 traction machine. It is designed for a wide range of performed tasks, including:

  • movement of bulk goods with the help of bulldozer equipment;
  • performance of all kinds of agricultural work in the field, including cultivation, sowing , soil preparation and planning;
  • work on dirt and main roads;
  • movement of goods using trailers and semi-trailers.

We also carry out modernization and overhaul of tractors of agricultural companies or private farmers.