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If you need facing for a tractor, our "Slobozhansk industrial company" is ready to provide all the necessary components and spare parts. We offer all types of facings on HTA Slobozhanets and HTZ 150-K models. You can buy both a complete set and individual parts.

Features of tractor facing

Original cladding is used on our tractors. So, customers can choose the "alligator" option as an additional option. Slobozhanets HTA 250 tractor with such a hood is much easier to maintain: thanks to the cover, which "retracts", significantly simplifies access to the engine compartment.

The advantages of alligator-type cladding are as follows:

  • it is much easier to reach the engine and "look" under the hood;< /li>
  • in order to open the hood as easily as possible, two powerful gas springs are installed here;
  • the facing scheme provides a place for installing 4 working lights at once, and this, in turn, provides good illumination of the road in front of the moving tractor.

You can purchase the following spare parts for the facing:

  • bonnet;
  • mesh;
  • bracket;
  • mudguards;
  • mudguards;
  • < li>platform and its support;
  • slats, sheets and springs;
  • manhole cover;
  • handles, latches, body elements.
  • < /ul>

    We use standardized parts made of steel with a special protective coating. All components are of high quality, with exact dimensions, convenient and reliable in assembly. They have precisely adjusted dimensions, the location of all fastening holes has been maintained, so that the cladding is mounted without gaps, looks neat and is operated for a long time.

    It is possible to completely modernize the old tractor that you have in operation, with the replacement of cladding elements.