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Our SPK company, as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, offers a compressor for a tractor, as well as all other necessary components according to the scheme. You can purchase all components of the tractor's pneumatic system as individual parts or assemblies, including the disconnect valve, brake chamber, condensate drain and air intake valve, coupling head and safety valve.

We also offer all the necessary parts the pneumatic system of the rear axle and trailer brake drives, the control elements of the brake valve and the brake valve itself.

How does the pneumatic system work?

The pneumatic system of the tractor ensures the operation of the brakes and the trailer with a single-wire system. The air is pumped by the compressor into the air cylinders, after which it is supplied to the brake chambers through the brake valve. A manometer is installed to control the pressure in the pneumatic system. As for the compressor, it is a two-cylinder, single-acting, piston-type model. Air is supplied to the air compressor through a special pipeline leading from the air cleaner of the diesel engine.

The single-wire pneumatic system of the tractor also allows you to work with trailers and other equipment that requires the use of air.