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Tractor suspension


In modern agricultural machines, the tractor suspension is considered one of the main parts. It ensures the smoothness of the machinery, which means that it allows creating favorable working conditions for the tractor driver.

Tractor suspension device

The suspension includes an elastic, damping and guiding device. This unit is placed between the tractor's supporting system and the wheel axle. Our models use an independent tractor rear suspension. It differs in that it works without a rigid connection of the axles of the wheels with the beam. Therefore, almost all shocks perceived by the wheels are not transmitted to the frame.

Suspension as an elastic device consists of leaf springs. Such parts are made from elastic steel sheets of a certain thickness. These springs are installed in rubber cushions, and they, in turn, are fixed in brackets fixed on the frame.

Our company is ready to provide you with all the necessary components and spare parts. In addition, there is also a suspension for the T-40 tractor, as well as for other models of agricultural machinery. All components included in the scheme can be purchased separately, in the form of spare parts