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Gears for tractor gearboxes

Do you need a specific gearbox gear for Slobozhanets series tractors or HTZ? SPK is ready to offer you all the necessary leading and driven gears, manufactured according to original drawings, with an exact match of operating characteristics and parameters.

You can choose and buy a gear for a tractor gearbox, focusing on the offers of our catalog. For the gearbox, a classic balanced scheme is used here, very well arranged. This allows you to ensure the optimal speed of movement to perform a particular operation. Yes, gears are installed on special shafts. When they engage, a switch to a certain mode of operation occurs.

Physical wear of the gears or their breakdown due to overload is possible. Such spare parts may deform or crack. Therefore, it is important to be able to purchase these mechanism elements and replace them in a timely manner.

We manufacture gearboxes for agricultural tractors, focusing on current quality standards. All of them correspond to the specified technical parameters and provide torque transmission. They also provide an optimal engagement area.