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The SPK company offers to order a tractor attachment, as well as purchase all the necessary spare parts for this unit. We also sell assembled units made according to our company drawings. These are: the front attachment device, the lower axle and the hydraulic cylinder for it, as well as the rear attachment devices in various configurations (reinforced, ball or hook). All this equipment is designed for operation in "field" conditions together with our wheeled agricultural transport.

Advantages and features of mounted machines

It is believed that mounted agricultural machines are about 30% lighter than trailers. They can be serviced by one tractor driver without any problems, and they also differ in higher transport speed and maneuverability. Such wheeled tractors are at least 8% more productive and show better results in work.

Our tractors as high-quality agricultural machines of domestic production are equipped with attachments, which provide them with obvious operational advantages.

Front and rear attachments

Heighted machines and implements on the tractor can be placed in front or behind. Depending on this, the following will differ: the possible types of work performed, the necessary operating conditions, as well as the dynamic indicators of the use of the unit. The type of attachment is also chosen taking into account the initial design features of the machine.

Recommendations for use here are as follows:

  • the front attachment of the tractor is required for self-propelled chassis and row cultivators;
  • the front attachment can also be used for reapers and windrowers;
  • < li> the rear attachment is usually used to attach tillage machines, as well as sowing and planting mechanisms; for the most part, they are designed for use together with general purpose tractors.

All tractor attachment devices, regardless of their location, include a direct attachment mechanism and a hydraulic system. The hydraulic part is needed to provide control of variable machines and tools. As for the attached devices, they are chosen in different layouts and, depending on the type and type of aggregates, are divided into separate, semi-separate and single aggregate. The hanging mechanisms themselves are also different: universal, special or combined. Universal mechanisms are installed on our tractors, as they allow you to hang several tools at once and easily change them.