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Wheel-rail tractor


Wheel scheme: 4x4 permanent drive rear axle, front axle is connected

Engine model:Д-260.4

Engine manufacturer:Minsk Motor Plant

Number and arrangement of cylinders:6, row

Working volume, l:7,12

Rated power, kW (hp):154,4 (210)

Maximum torque N×m (kgf×m):808 (82,3)

Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kW×h (g/hp×h): 220 (162)

Rotation frequency, rpm:2100

Clutch:dry single disc "LuK" (Germany)

Transmission:mechanical with hydraulic shifting of gears on the go without interrupting the flow of power with the help of friction clutches

Number of forward/reverse gears: 12/4

Travel speeds, forward travel, km/h:0,5-44,20

Travel speeds, reverse, km/h:0,6-18,60

Traction effort, maximum, kgf:6000


Overall dimensions in transport position, not more than, mm:length 6800±50, width 2500±30

Suspension of guide slides of the combined stroke:hydraulic with adjustable spring shock absorbers

Hydraulic tank capacity, standard and additional, l70


Volume of main tanks m3 (l):0,54 (540)

Self-coupling device:brand CA-3, quantity 2

Steering slope when moving along the rail track, % no more:6

Weight of the equipped motor vehicle with equipment, no more, kg:10070

height on the highway:3310±30

height on rails W.S. path:3320±30

The maximum allowable speed of movement of a motorized locomotive on the rails from the west. distance, in maneuvering mode, km/h:5

The minimum radius of fitting in the curve of the west distance, for track 1485 mm and 1520 mm, m:50

A wheel-rail tractor is also called a wagon traction module. This technique is much more efficient compared to diesel locomotives, as it maintains maneuverability. It is more mobile and economical in operation. You can always buy an MMT-2 motorized locomotive from us, both brand new and refurbished with a warranty. The equipment is characterized by low operating costs and a high utilization rate. We offer a shunting motor vehicle, which is already equipped with a railway coupling. These machines are designed for areas with an average cargo flow. They can pass radii of 40-60 meters.

The MMT-2 motor locomotive (KRT-1 wheel-rail tractor) is designed for operation on railway tracks with a gauge of 1520 mm and 1435 mm and on general purpose roads. On railway tracks, the locomotive performs shunting work, and on highways it performs traction and auxiliary work.

The main application of the MMT-2 locomotive is the replacement of medium-class diesel locomotives that are operated at large enterprises with developed railway tracks on their own territory.

Most shunting diesel locomotives at such enterprises are used with a large underload - for the formation and movement of small warehouses of 2 ... 3, a maximum of 10 cars.

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