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Tractor with bar equipment


Wheel scheme:4x4 permanent drive rear axle, front axle is connected

Engine model:Д-260.4

Engine manufacturer:Minsk Motor Plant

Number and arrangement of cylinders:6, row

Working volume, l:7,12

Rated power, kW (hp):154,4 (210)

Maximum torque N×m (kgf×m):808 (82,3)

Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kW×h (g/hp×h): 220 (162)

Rotation frequency, rpm:2100

Clutch:dry single disc "LuK" (Germany)

Transmission:mechanical with hydraulic shifting of gears on the go without interrupting the flow of power with the help of friction clutches

Number of forward/reverse gears: 12/4

Travel speeds, forward travel, km/h:0,033...45,0

Travel speeds, reverse, km/h:0,035...18,6

Rear power take-off shaft and rotational speed, rpm:independent, two-speed, 540 or 1000


Overall dimensions in transport position, not more than, mm:3265х1200х2680

Parameters of detachable trenches, no more, mm:depth 1600; width 150

Minimum productivity, m/h:30

Average productivity, m/h:70

Dump type:rotating

Dump width, mm:2500±10

Dump height, mm:1000±10

Structural weight, not more, kg:1500


We offer to order a tractor with bar equipment at cost price, directly from the manufacturer. Such an agricultural machine without additional attachments is used as the main equipment for performing agricultural work, for processing fields.


But a tractor with a bar installation has a wider field of use. By itself, this installation — trench digger, refers to earthmoving equipment. Ground cutters work strictly in one plane and allow you to prepare trenches for installing water supply systems, for electric cables, and so on.

XTA-200-10 tractor with T-150K bar installation. URAL-33P.76 (trench chain excavator) is designed for digging narrow trenches of rectangular section in soils of category 1-4, as well as homogeneous frozen soils and asphalt concrete surfaces without metal fittings for pipelines of various purposes, for cable lines of communication and power transmission, and as well as the laying of other communications.

The basic tractor of the slitting machine is a special modification of the HTA-200-10 "Slobozhanets" tractor, equipped with a gearbox with an extended speed reducer and a quick reverser, which allows you to ensure a speed of movement when working from 0.033 km / h.

The working organs of the machine are the bar unit T-150K. URAL-33P.76 of continuous action, equipped with cutters with hard alloy brazes, which ensure a long service life even when working in heavy soils, powered by the tractor's GDP. The machine can be equipped with standard bulldozer equipment 151D- with a width of 2.5 m.

The advantages of XTA-200-10 over other machines for digging trenches (bucket excavators, disk cutters, etc.) are: - the ability to move on general purpose roads at a speed of up to 35 km / h, which ensures a short time for the machine to arrive at the work site (unlike machines based on tracked tractors);
- higher productivity than slitting machines based on MTZ, YuMZ tractors, due to a 210 hp diesel;
- low fuel consumption of the economical D260.4 diesel;
- relatively deep trenches (up to 1600 mm deep with a width of 150 mm);
- level edges of trenches, which reduces the risks of failure and soil spillage;
- works can be carried out in any soil (from unstable to frozen);
- reduction of the volume of soil removal work due to the optimal width of the trench;
- the excavated soil can be used for backfilling the trench, while when using an excavator, blocks are formed that will need to be broken;
- high productivity (there is no need to transfer the removed soil to the side);
- work at low temperatures (on frozen ground);
- smaller area of ​​road surface destruction.

These properties of the machine make it possible to achieve the lowest possible cost of work in the shortest possible time, which makes its use preferable for most enterprises.

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