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A tractor with two control posts


Wheel scheme:4x4 permanent drive rear axle, front axle is connected

Engine model:Д-260.4

Engine manufacturer:Minsk Motor Plant

Number and arrangement of cylinders:6, row

Working volume, l:7,12

Rated power, kW (hp):154,4 (210)

Maximum torque N×m (kgf×m):808 (82,3)

Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kW×h (g/hp×h): 220 (162)

Rotation frequency, rpm: 2100

Clutch:dry single disc "LuK" (Germany)

Transmission:mechanical with hydraulic shifting of gears on the go without interrupting the flow of power with the help of friction clutches

Number of forward/reverse gears: 16/8

Travel speeds, forward travel, km/h:1,57...34,76

Travel speeds, reverse, km/h:2,38...9,8

Rear power take-off shaft and rotational speed, rpm:independent, two-speed, 540 or 1000


Operating weight, kg:8525

Working pressure, bar:160

Maximum productivity, l/min:90

Number of hydraulic outlets, pcs.:6

The XTA-200-10 tractor with two control posts is designed for safe and comfortable work with two attachments or equipment installed on the front and rear half-frame, which are used alternately when performing various technological operations. A bulldozer blade, a rotary snow plow, a mulcher, a drilling rig (Yamobur), as well as standard agricultural implements can be installed on the tractor in pairs.

It differs from the basic XTA-220-10 by a cab with an additional control post for reverse operation. Changes were made: to the steering hydraulic system, which allowed to connect a second steering pump-dispenser; in control (cable) systems of the engine and transmission; in the electrical system - for an additional dashboard.

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