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XTA-250-21 tractor


Wheel scheme:4x4 permanent drive rear axle, front axle is connected

Engine model:BF06M1013F

Engine manufacturer: Deutz AG, Germany

Number and arrangement of cylinders:6, row

Working volume, l:7,2

Rated power, kW (hp):188 (255)

Maximum torque N×m (kgf×m):1008 (103)

Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kW×h (g/hp×h): 205 (151)

Rotation frequency, rpm:2200

Clutch:dry single disc "LuK" (Germany)

Transmission:mechanical with hydraulic shifting of gears on the go without interrupting the flow of power with the help of friction clutches

Number of forward/reverse gears: 12/4 (16/8 by order)

Travel speeds, forward travel, km/h:4,0-38,7

Travel speeds, reverse, km/h:6,0-10,9

Rear power take-off shaft and rotational speed, rpm:independent, two-speed, 540 або 1000

Front power take-off shaft (option) and speed, rpm: hydraulic volume, 540 ... 1000

Traction effort, maximum, kgf:6000

Attachment, rear:two-cylinder, with a carrying capacity of 6000 kg

Attachment, front (option): two-cylinder, with a carrying capacity of 4000 kg

Tires:23,1R26 (28LR26 by order)

Operating weight, kg:8425

Overall dimensions in transport position, not more than, mm:61500х2460х3300

Attachment hydraulic system:pump type: gear (* axial-piston) nominal pressure, bar: 160 (* 200-240) performance, l / min: 90 (* 170) number of hydraulic outlets: 6 (* 10)

XTA-250-21 is a new flagship model of the 4th traction class, equipped with a more powerful, reliable and economical diesel engine BF06M1013F Deutz AG (Germany), a hook-type rear attachment and a 4-section hydraulic distributor, which allows you to aggregate the tractor with modern imported equipment .

Features of this model:
New modern diesel BF06M1013F which shows one of the best indicators, the most important for an agricultural tractor: torque at 1600 rpm. - 907 N•m.
This engine provides the tractor with a traction force of 6 ts in a wide range of speeds and a drive of active wide-grip units of sowing and tillage machinery of increased energy intensity.
New, more ergonomic tractor cabin.
New low-pressure tires of increased size.
To protect the fuel pump of the BF06M1013F engine, a self-cleaning fuel pre-filter with water separators is installed.
Modernized hydraulic system that ensures reliable operation with imported units.
The XTA-250-21 tractor uses the LuK clutch, which has proven itself well on XTA-200-10 tractors, which was developed and manufactured specifically for Slobozhanets tractors by Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket GmbH (Germany).
A new design of the hydraulic system of the attachment device, which provides an oil flow of 95 l/min, with an operating pressure of 200 bar, four pairs of free hydraulic outlets, a direct drain line, oil cooling. A pump with a capacity of 120 l/min can be installed to order. The proportional 5-section distributor of the hydraulic system of the Italian company Bondioli & Pavesi provides smooth regulation of the flow of oil in each of the sections, which is necessary for adjusting the pneumatic system and the operation of the sowing complex.
In view of the increased load on the hinged connection of the frame on the tractors of the XTA-250-21 series, a reinforced 3-finger vertical hinge of the poluram articulation is used to ensure the necessary indicators of reliability and resource.

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