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Chassis for agricultural tractors

We produce wheeled chassis for tractors in assembly. You can also purchase all necessary components separately, in the form of spare parts. The SPK company as a well-known manufacturer of tractors offers high quality and reliable designs.

Features of the chassis on XTA-300

XTA-300 refers to three-axle tractors of the fifth traction class with a capacity of up to 300 hp. It is considered that this is a basic wheeled model, and special machines can be created on its basis, since various additional devices can be installed here due to the rear and front attachments.

The chassis of the HTA tractor allows agricultural machinery to remain passable in field conditions. Such machinery with a wheel base can perform the following operations:

  • direct sowing (using appropriate sets of equipment);
  • harvesting of grain crops;
  • removal of fodder crops;
  • plowing;
  • disc harrowing;
  • movement of loads or soil planning.

In addition, the wheel base allows you to use this tractor as a universal heavy equipment. For example, on its basis, you can make a mixer, an excavator, a manipulator, a sowing unit, a loader, a crane. All this equipment will be able to work in off-road conditions.

What spare parts can be purchased?

You can buy a tractor chassis with all the necessary accessories from us. So, the unit includes:

  • a frame with a front and rear part;
  • a 10-leaf spring;
  • wheels with different types of tires;< /li>
  • reinforced hinge housing;
  • front reinforced hinge support;
  • drive axles: front, middle, rear.

This chassis can be used even in those cases when highly specialized heavy equipment is assembled on the basis of the tractor. Yes, it can be sowing complexes, shunting tractors, transporters with kung. In addition, as an agricultural tractor of the 5th class, this equipment also shows good cross-country ability. The scope of delivery includes wide-profile tires 23.1R26 or 66x43, 00r25.

The driving bridge of the HTA can also be ordered from us separately as an assembly. All the necessary details and nodes are already included in the design. These are driven and driving gear, shaft, gear wheel and gear pump, as well as bearings and rear axle housing.

In our company, you can purchase all the necessary parts or assemblies with a manufacturer's warranty. In addition, we provide repair and modification services for tractors.