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Tractor-loader ХТА-200-06


Wheel scheme:4x4 permanent drive rear axle, front axle is connected

Engine model:Д-260.4

Engine manufacturer:Minsk Motor Plant

Rated power, kW (hp):154,4 (210)

Maximum torque N×m (kgf×m):808 (82,3)

Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kW×h (g/hp×h): 227 (167)

Rotation frequency, rpm:2100

Clutch:dry single disc "LuK" (Germany)

Transmission:mechanical with hydraulic shifting on the go without interrupting the flow of power with the "quick reverse" function

Number of forward/reverse gears: 9/3

Travel speeds, forward travel, km/h:2,8...35,2

Travel speeds, reverse, km/h:3,0...15,5


Operating weight, kg:10610

Overall dimensions in transport position, not more than, mm:7670х2500х3435


We offer to purchase a tractor-loader model KhTA-200-06. Our Slobozhansk Industrial Company produces this agricultural machine as a modification of the T-156B from KhTZ. This is a more advanced model that can be used as a basic tractor for many special machines, for attachments.

Advantages of modern agricultural machinery

The main features and characteristics of the XTA-200-06 tractor include:

  • equipment and components here are unified with the XTA-200-10 model tractor;
  • the basis of the design is a strong and reliable frame;
  • the frame has a reinforced three-finger vertical hinge, thanks to which the connection of the half-frames is ensured;
  • the gearbox has a quick reverse function;
  • carrying capacity of the model is 3 tons;
  • The volume of the bucket in the basic configuration is 1.5 cubic meters;
  • in addition, you can install a bucket with a volume of 3 cubic meters (it can be used, for example, to load sugar beets);
  • as attachment equipment can be used here: jaw gripper, cargo forks, rotary bulldozer dump;
  • possible loading height with this agricultural machinery — 2.9 meters, and optionally this value can be increased to 4 meters;
  • the D-260.4 model engine is installed, which provides a 15-18% saving in diesel fuel compared to YaMZ engines;
  • the model is highly maintainable, as the details in it are unified.

We offer to buy a tractor loader, which is equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of the driver. Yes, the audio system and the air conditioning system are already included in the delivery package.

For our clients — the price of a tractor-loader directly from the manufacturer. We recommend using this agricultural machinery not only for field and harvesting work, but also for labor-intensive earthwork, road and repair work, as well as for loading and production purposes.


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